PPHS training courses – the summary of 2019

2019 was a time of intensive activities and development for the Training and Audit Department of the Polish Platform for Homeland Security. New thematic areas, a greater number of training modules and your great trust – these words can summarize the last twelve months in terms of training in the PPHS.

Last year, we organized 114 training courses, both open and closed (intended), tailored to the needs of particular institutions. All training courses of the PPHS were highly rated in terms of content and organization. Participants positively evaluated the value of the training courses and their usefulness in professional work. Moreover, the implementation of particular training courses was efficient and professional.

A serious challenge for the Training and Audit Department was the organization of training on addiction prevention and elimination of school life aggression, violence and cyberbullying for students of 6-7 grade, in one of Warsaw schools. However, this was not the only project developed for education. In 2019, we also provided a series of 47 training courses for police academies in the field of security, antiterrorist prevention, role and place of the Police and armed forces in the safety system. In December, we also managed to organize a specialist training on network security in Poznan – pen tests.

Undoubtedly, the greatest appreciation of our work is the trust of the institutions and Partners, who ask us to prepare and organize individual training courses which have not yet appeared in our offer such as:

  • “Administrative Procedure Code in practice in local authorities”,
  • “Unlawful market practices – misleading – aggressive market practices”,
  • “Residents and guides’ behavior in crisis, emergency and emergency situations”.

PPHS training modules

Prevention of radicalization

“The role of local cooperation in preventing radicalization: a mechanism of forming and effectively preventing extremism”

Ethics and prevention of mobbing

“Work ethics in public administration – prevention of mobbing”

Cyber security in public administration

“Cybersecurity in public administration – legal, organizational, and technical aspects”

First experiences and practices with the GDPR

“GDPR: six months after implementation – first experiences and practices”

ISO 27001

“Design and construction of an information security management system in an institution in accordance with the ISO 27001 standard”

Family mediations

“Family mediation as a way to resolve conflicts. The role of prevention in building a safe environment for the child”

Workshop for the DPO

“Workshops for Data Protection Officer”

Security in shopping malls

“Rules of conduct in the event of terrorist threat in a shopping center”


“Work ethic in public administration”

Personal data in view of the GDPR

“Personal data processing in view of the GDPR – the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation”

Practical workshops on the GDPR

“Personal data processing in view of the GDPR – the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation – practical workshops”


“Corruption prevention in public administration”

Public information

“Public information disclosure in practice”

Commercial due diligence

“How to effectively check contractors of your company”

All in all, we trained almost 3000 people within fifteen training modules in 2019. We wish all Participants to use the acquired knowledge in their daily work.

We guarantee that the year 2020 will be full of new and inspiring training courses.