Since it was established, the PPHS has been involved in research and development projects, mostly in the field of national security and defense, financed by the National Center for Research and Development (NCBR). Since 2017, the Polish Platform for Homeland Security has also participated in European projects. Moreover, the PPHS performs other campaigns and activities in support of improved security.

12 Ongoing Projects

The PPHS is currently performing 12 projects financed by the NCBR, European funds, and with its own resources

7 European Projects

Since 2017, the PPHS has been working on European projects that provide an opportunity for international exchange of experience in the field of security.

21 Past Projects

Since 2005, the PPHS has been involved in a total of 21 R&D projects.

Ongoins projects

FORMOBILE - From mobile phones to court - A complete FORensic investigation chain targeting MOBILE devices

PREVENT - Procurements of innovative, advanced systems to support security in public transport

SPARTA - Special projects for advanced research and technology in Europe

Lion DC - Law Enforcement Technological Innovation Consolidation for Fight Against Online Drug Crimes

i-LEAD Innovation - Law Enforcement Agencies Dialogue

MINDb4ACT - Developing skills and building a community of practice for innovative, ethical and effective actions against violent extremism

Off-line data carrier testing

A system for information management in electronic transmissions (radio, TV) - EMMA 22

Praetorian - a modern patrol and intervention vehicle

PPHS cybersecurity standard

AGH Cyber Security Center

Threats observatory for young people

Past projects

Development and creation of a system intended to identify persons (perpetrators of crimes) based on images recorded in photos or video materials - BIOWIZ

Development and creation of an information management system for the Abduction Center

System information and analytical support for the activities of the Government Protection Bureau

Advanced system for automatic recognition and conversion of Polish language speech into text, intended for agencies and institutions in charge of state security

Advanced information technologies supporting data processing in criminal intelligence analysis

Acquisition and verification of information to support organizational and operational activities of public security agencies

Development of a system for detection of threats to the safety of blind and vision impaired person, particularly taking into account road traffic. Legal-criminological and technological aspects

Acquisition and processing of verbal information in military systems for prevention and suppression of crime and terrorism

A prototype radio communication terminal with increased resistance to disturbances and tapping, intended for public administration

State-of-the-art technologies for the penal process and their application technical, criminalistic, criminological, and legal aspects

A multimedia system supporting identification and suppression of crime (including violence in schools) and terrorism

Application of artificial intelligence methods and agent-based technologies to support investigatory activities and evidence procedures, with emphasis on Internet crimes

A tool supporting investigative procedures using automatic inference

Technologies for processing Polish language texts to suit the needs of public security

Managing information and knowledge in services requiring an increased level of security

Cryptographic security in information and communication networks

A system for analysis, classification, and support of recognition of persons on the basis of emergency phone calls

Speech technology applications in public security systems

A system of automatic translation developed for the purpose of enhancing public security

Monitoring, identification, and countering threats to the security of citizens