PPHS 1st webinar on sharing public information

Due to the suspension of class-room trainings, the Polish Platform for Homeland Security is extending its offer with online courses. Therefore, the PPHS organizes its first webinar entitled “Public information disclosure in practice”.

The training will take place on 28-30 April 2020. On each day of the webinar, a lecture, presentation and practical exercises will be carried out to consolidate the acquired knowledge. The discussed topic is consistent with the program that will be covered during the class-room training.

The main goal of the webinar is to gain and systematize knowledge regarding the application of the Access to Public Information Act in practice, processing of applications and safe sharing of information. Participants of the online course will learn how to correctly classify a request for public information, which will increase their awareness of relevant regulations.

The webinar is organized by the Training and Audit Department of the Polish Platform for Homeland Security, which has been conducting trainings for Polish public administration units and enterprises for several years. Only in the last two years more than 7500 people have benefited from services provided by PPHS during 214 training courses. Currently, the PPHS’ offer includes 14 training modules in the field of security, work ethics and risk prevention among children and youth.