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Development and creation of an information management system for the Abduction Center

Principal investigator:

  • Dr. Krzysztof Wiciak.

The institutions performing the project:

  • Police Academy in Szczytno – Project Leader;
  • Enigma Information Security Systems Sp. z o.o. [Ltd.];
  • University of Białystok.

Purpose of the project:

The purpose of the project is to develop the assumptions for, to build an Abduction Center, and to test it in simulated conditions. An Abduction Center is an analytical and management unit supporting the detection and command process in connection with hostage situations aimed at extorting ransom. The Center will be established in accordance with the recommendations of the Interministerial Team for Abduction and it will consist of three components:

  • A prototype of the Operations Room;
  • A prototype of the Mobile Command Station; and
  • A prototype of the Mobile Analytical Station.

Description of the project:

The Abduction Center will carry out the tasks of headquarters appointed to supervise and conduct procedural and operational activities throughout the duration of the case. This will be possible because of the Center’s ability to utilize information sources obtained on the basis of its component modules, the functions of a classified registry, and analytical stations. The key component of the system is the possibility to make decisions in the course of changing operational situations based on all available information. The hardware and tool configuration, as well as the access to current analyses of information obtained and held in databases will allow for quick key decisions to save lives and human health put at risk by criminal activities. The creation of the Center will enable innovative and cutting-edge management of the detection process in the abduction cases.

During the implementation of the project, the University of Białystok – one of the project participants and a member of the Polish Platform for Homeland Security – will carry out a comprehensive legal and dogmatic analysis concerning the organizational and legal solutions related to the problem of abductions, including the possibility of applying specific legal instruments and existing restrictions in this area. Also, suggestions will be made concerning amendments to the law (including drafts of statutory provisions).

The project was financed by The National Centre for Research and Development