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CINTiA 2023: Recapping the Latest in Criminal Intelligence

The massive development of technology, which began at the end of the last century and continues to this day, has caused a huge change in methods of information gathering. This, in turn, created a need for new approaches to analysis and intelligence.

On 19-21 September, we organised the second edition of the Criminal Intelligence – New Trends in Analysis Conference, nicknamed CINTiA 2023. Honorary patrons included the Commander-in-Chief of the Polish Police, the Director of the Polish Government Centre for Security, and the Head of the Polish Central Anti-Corruption Bureau.

The event was held in collaboration with the AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow and partnered by the EU-funded CYCLOPES cybercrime network. As in the inaugural edition, this year’s conference consisted of both scientific and practical tracks, with a range of panels, workshops, and exhibits from Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs), service suppliers, and academics. The CINTiA conference provided a face-to-face, where participants shared practical knowledge on criminal intelligence.

CINTiA 2023 in Numbers

+ 250 Participants

6 Thematic Areas

24 Presentations

5 Workshops

8 Exhibitors

22 Companies

Detailed information about presented technologies, exhibitions, workshops, participating companies and institutions can be found in the CINTiA Summary Report.

Summary Report
CINTiA 2023

CINTiA 2024

Any investigation generates enormous amounts of information. The more extensive the enquiry, the more information the investigator must analyse. The problem for investigators is that no matter how good the system used to store all this information is, they are always limited by their own mental capacity to embrace the information as a whole, to “take it all in” at once. The challenges related to the analysis of new multimodal data sources motivated us, as it just like last year, to invite practitioners to the next edition of the CINTiA conference. See you in 2024!

Partners: AGH University and CYCLOPES

CINTiA 2023 was co-organised by the AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow. Not only was the University’s Institute of Computer Science home to the event, as in 2022, but presentations themselves were also conducted by faculty members – including professors from the Center of Security Technologies and other departments.

Another major partner of the CINTiA 2023 conference was CYCLOPES, a network of European practitioners collaborating in the fight against cybercrime. Coordinated by the Polish Platform for Homeland Security, the primary goal of CYCLOPES is to connect law enforcement stakeholders across Europe – enabling them to share first-hand learnings and best practices – while supplementing this with tools and findings from both industry professionals and academic researchers.

More information about the CINTiA 2023 conference can be found on the event website under this link.

Photos: Hubert Malinowski, AGH