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WP4 Report/2018/i-LEAD – Recommendations on Standardisation and Procurement

We present a report from the first year of work carried out under WP4 (Recommendations on Standardisation and Procurement) of i-LEAD project (Innovation – Law Enforcement Agencies Dialogue). The report, which was developed under the leadership of the Polish Platform for Homeland Security, is available here.

The document contains recommendations on standardisation and procurement in 5 thematic areas:

  1. OSINT (Cybercrime);
  2. Mobility for Officers (Front Line Policing);
  3. People Trafficking (Cross Border Crime);
  4. Intelligence Analysis (Crime & Intelligence);
  5. Forensic DNA (Forensics).

For each topic, the state of the art in the field of standardization and public procurement has been described, as well as recommendations and needs for future standards, legal issues and joint public procurement have been defined.

The document was created based on Practitioner Groups meetings – representatives of Law Enforcement Agencies from EU Member States, who participate in i-LEAD project.

An important role in the development of WP4 report played Netherlands Standardization Institute (NEN), which is also a direct partner of the project.

PPHS implements the i-LEAD project from September 2017.