An unusual MIRAD project meeting – a visit to the remand centre

The working visit to the Remand Centre in Poznań (Poland) provided the project representatives with an opportunity to learn more about the realities of prisons operations. This experience undoubtedly enhanced the discussion.

The Polish Platform for Homeland Security hosted the international MIRAD project’s September symposium. There were two parts to the event: a substantive discussion and a practical visit to the detention centre.

Captain Paweł Janiszewski and Major Marcin Błaszczak met with the participants and told them about their casual days at the detention centre. Participants learned about the duties of the staff, the realities of their work, and most importantly, how they care for their own safety.

Due to open conversations, the visit did not only focus on daily life in the centre. Participants learned about the challenges that employees faced, as well as the Prison Service’s successes. The visit to the detention centre concluded with a meeting with Colonel Paweł Waściński, the facility’s director.


Training through the MIRAD project will soon be available for free to representatives of the Prison Service, probation officers and non-governmental organisation employees.

More information is available at this link, and if you are interested, please contact Magda Okuniewska at