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The I-LEAD Project meeting in Poznan

On the 1st September 2017 The Polish Platform for Homeland Security (PPHS) in cooperation with other 18 partners from European Union countries, has begun i-LEAD Project, funded by the H2020 European Commision’s Programme. Project is lead by Dutch Police.

PPHS as an institution responsible for Work Package 4 (standardization and procurement) has organized meeting, which main purpose was to discuss the scope and methodology of the activities conducted within WP4.

The meeting has taken place on the 16-17 November 2017 in the Polish Police – Regional Headquarters in Poznan. Representatives of the following Institutions has taken part in the event:

  1. The Portuguese Police;
  2. The Finnish Police;
  3. The Lithuanian Competence and Cybercrime Research Centre;
  4. The Dutch Standardization Committee;
  5. The Polish Police;
  6. The Polish Platform for Homeland Security.

More information about I-LEAD project can be found at: