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The first PPHS’s family mediation workshop took place

On 10 September 2018 in Bydgoszcz, the Polish Platform for Homeland Security organized the workshop entitled: “Family mediation as a way to resolve conflicts”, conducted by Judge Anna Maria Wesolowska.

The event was attended by representatives of education and institutions supporting the functioning of the family, including: social welfare centers, district family support centers, childcare and educational centers, anti-addiction institutions and schools. The main objective of the workshop was to present practical aspects of using family and peer mediations and to provide knowledge on the use of appropriate tools and methods to apply legislation in this field.

During the discussion participants exchanged their own experiences from daily work and examples of problematic situations. Moreover, Judge Anna Maria Wesolowska pointed out practical solutions that will promote mediation and strengthen cooperation between various institutions.

Details of the date of the next workshop date will be published in the next few days.