The conference titled “Acquisition of information in the light of terrorist threats”

The Faculty of Law, Poznan Branch, SWPS University, and the Polish Polygraph Experts Association are organizing a nation-wide scientific conference titled “Acquisition of information in the light of terrorist threats”. The conference will take place on 16-17 November 2016.

Given the growing number and gravity of threats to security, acquisition of information by law enforcement and secret service agencies is becoming a more and more serious problem. The dilemma that they face more and more often is how much they can interfere with citizens’ rights and freedoms in order to prevent terrorist attacks, minimize their likelihood, identify the perpetrators and prove their guilt.

The innovative nature of the conference is manifested most of all in the possibility to share experiences and opinions among experts representing various institutions that work on the problem of the security of the state, both external and internal. This can contribute to finding more effective solutions to the problems in this area.

In addition to the plenary sessions, the conference will include workshops focused on specific problems, such as psychological profiling of perpetrators of acts of terrorism, acquiring information on the Internet, using polygraph tests to acquire information, and interrogation and interview techniques.

The honorary patron of the conference is Judge dr hab. Malgorzata Manowska, Director of the National School of Judiciary and Public Prosecution.

The partner of the conference is the Polish Platform for Homeland Security.

Detailed information about the conference, updated in an ongoing manner, as well as the registration form can be found at the following website.

We are looking forward to your attendance at the conference!