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Summary of a demonstration of modern technologies for uniformed services organized by the PPHS

On 9-10 May 2019, during the EUROPOLTECH 2019 fair held at the Warsaw EXPO Center, the Polish Platform for Homeland Security organized a demonstration of modern technologies for uniformed services. The event was a part of the European i-LEAD project.

The objective of the event was to show the latest solutions in the area of security delivered by Polish and foreign companies. The demonstration consisted of the following subject-specific blocks: systems for identification of people based on biometric characteristics of the face; body-worn cameras for observation of people and for documentation of events; and analytical IT systems.

The first block was started by the company Enigma Information Security Systems with a presentation about the ABC Gates used for border protection. Next, a representative of Siltec familiarized the attendees with the principles of operation of the face biometrics system that works based on a neural network and a deep learning mechanism.

In the second block, which was fully focused on body-worn cameras, Enigma, Getac, and squareTec presented their technologies. The first presentation took the form of a case study of operation of body-worn camera technologies in Poland. The second presentation focused on presentation of experiences related to use of body-worn cameras by officers of uniformed services in different countries. During the last part of the third block, operation was demonstrated of the body-worn device named “EdgeVis Body Worn” distributed by squareTec.

The second day of the demonstration of modern technologies for uniformed services was dedicated to analytical IT systems. A series of presentations given in this subject-specific block was started by the presentation given by the Matic company titled “Future of criminal intelligence analysis – new data, new technologies.” Afterwards, the IBM i2 Intelligence Analysis tool set was presented. Next, representatives of the SAS Institute conducted a practical demonstration of the SAS Intelligence and Investigation Management system for processing bulk datasets. The event ended with presentation by the Atende company on the modern intuitive network “Cisco Software Defined Network”.

The event was organized as a part of the international i-LEAD project ( This is a five-year project in which police forces from member states of the European Union conduct dialog concerning the new technologies that they require.

The Polish Platform for Homeland Security was the partner of this year’s edition of the EUROPOLTECH 2019 trade fair and of the accompanying 9th International Police Conference. The Managing Director of the PPHS was a member of the Advisory Boards of both events.

The program of the technology demonstration with descriptions of the presentation can be found here.