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Start of the “PPHS Safe School”

On 26 February 2019, the Polish Platform for Homeland Security organized a special event called “Safe Internet Day” at the Elementary School in Jeziorki.

We would like to express our special gratitude to the representative of the Regional Police Headquarter in Poznan for giving a lesson on cybersecurity, to the children for their great commitment, and to the teachers for the possibility to organize the meeting. The event started the program “PPHS Safe School” whose objective is to disseminate knowledge among children and young persons and to implement preventive and educational measures in such areas as cybersecurity, countering of violence, and broadly-defined prevention of threats.

Over 50 pupils from grades IV and V of the elementary school attended the classes. The main element of the event was a meeting with an expert from the Cybercrime Department of the Regional Police Headquarters in Poznan where threats and practices related to safety and behaviors in the cyberspace were discussed. Also, representatives of the PPHS prepared educational games and fun activities: an outdoor game named “Find a password to safe Internet” and a competition where the objective was to build a computer from recycled materials. At the end of the meeting, the results ofan art contest titled “We work together in the Web. We make the Internet better,” in which the PPHS awarded books for the best works, were announced.