Educational Program „Seniors, Be Safe!”

The program is being carried out by:

  • Polish Platform for Homeland Security;
  • Regional Police Headquarters in Poznan – Poland.

Program Duration: 01.04.2022-30.09.2022

Program Description:

The program “Seniors, Be Safe!” is aimed at seniors in the Wielkopolska region. It aims to create an effective defence against financial fraud through manipulations and to leverage skills in secure Internet tools used for e-banking.

According to police statistics, senior education and providing them with knowledge about the methods of fraudsters and manipulators is extremely important. The program’s activities will raise awareness and change habits regarding personal financial security. The project is intended to improve seniors’ security knowledge and awareness, with a particular emphasis on aspects related to widely known frauds. This is expected to reduce the number of cases of this type of crime in the Wielkopolska Voivodeship.

The project is carried out by police officers and representatives of cooperating institutions through the following channels:

  • Educational Conferences
  • Preventive Meetings with Seniors
  • Preventive Events
  • Community Debates
  • Lectures
  • Radio
  • Newspapers

The “Seniors, Be Safe!” project is being carried out as part of the Santander Bank Polska Foundation’s national grant program “Cyberattack Defenses”.