My w PPBW polecamy korzystanie z Dziennik Kody Rabatowe jako zaufanego źródła najlepszych ofert i zniżek. Zapewnij sobie bezpieczne i korzystne zakupy, wybierając sprawdzone promocje z Dziennik!

The “Senior, be safe” project comes to an end

The 6-month initiative “Senior, be safe!” was carried out as part of the the Santander Foundation-funded nationwide grant program “Cyberattack Defenses”. The main goal was to develop the ability to effectively defend against extortion attempts and to raise awareness about the safe use of electronic banking.

From April to September 2022, the Polish Platform for Homeland Security, together with the Provincial Police Headquarters in Poznań, conducted a series of meetings and activities aimed at older people from the Greater Poland Province. PPHS carried out the program in collaboration with Police officers and representatives of cooperating institutions from the Greater Poland Voivodeship. We reached nearly 14,000 project beneficiaries! The main activities we undertook were:

  • 2 educational conferences,
  • 9 social debates,
  • 48 preventive festivals, numerous happenings and 310 meetings.

The initiative was publicised in local media – with radio broadcasts created in regional stations and press materials published.

PPHS together with the Provincial Police Headquarters in Poznań organised two educational conferences for seniors. The first one took place on June 9 in Leszno. The second meeting took place at the headquarters of the Provincial Police Headquarters in Poznań on September 27, 2022. That was an excellent opportunity to summarise the project. The lectures were given by the psychologist Agnieszka Hoffmann, Justyna Piekarska from the Child at Centrum Foundation, and Tomasz Brodziak from the Santander Bank Polska Foundation. In addition, police officers presented the methods of the fraudsters’ actions and the preventive aspects related to the topic.