i-LEAD Industry Day 2.0 - registration form for technology providers

i-LEAD’s key focus is to contribute to the development of new and existing crime-fighting capabilities in Europe. To begin, a series of Practitioner Workshops elicit the needs and gaps of law enforcement agencies from across Europe. Industry Day 2.0, taking place online on 26th-30th October 2020, will exploit the identified challenges, bringing together Expert Practitioners, Members of Industry and Procurement Specialists to foster discussions that support progress in several key areas.

The focus areas for this year’s edition of Industry Days are:

  • Drug Crime Financial;
  • Investment & Virtual Currencies;
  • Public Order;
  • Crime Scene Recording & Documentation;
  • Digital Forensics.

We are looking for solutions that match the technology needs and gaps defined by practitioners. Download the descriptions here.

It is important to note that the Crime Areas do not restrict technologies typically used in other domains. Please be aware that specific techniques can be useful in several fields.

Download the Technology Needs & Gaps

To maximise the value of Industry Days, we are giving all companies an opportunity to provide a presentation that will be available to the LEA network throughout October. Officers will have until the 9th October to choose the most interesting solutions that they would like see presented in detail between the 26th and 30th. Therefore, please provide a recorded presentation or video of your solution on the link below.

  • Maximum 10 minutes in length
  • Linking the solution’s features and benefits to the known gaps and needs of LEAs

The highest rated solutions will be invited to participate in the Industry Day live meetings

If you have any questions, hesitations or concerns, please reach out to steven.ormston@ppbw.pl from the Polish Platform for Homeland Security, the lead organisers of the event.

Thank you,
i-LEAD Team

General Information:
Please link to your cloud. If it is not possible, please use a service like Filemail.com.