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SHIELD4CROWD – Heightening Innovation Procurements and Setting a Baseline for a Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) To Increase Crowd Management Security in EU Public Spaces


  • Societe Nationale SNCF – France.


  • DigInnov – Digital Innovation Consulting di Youssef Bouali – Italy,
  • Polish Platform for Homeland Security – Poland,
  • Ministry of Interior of Spain – Spain,
  • Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic – Slovakia,
  • SAFE – France,
  • MUXLEY – France,
  • The French Ministry of Interior – France,
  • ISEMI – International Security and Emergency Management Institute – Slovakia,
  • Corvers Procurement Services Bv – Netherlands.

Description of the project:

SHIELD4CROWD establishes a baseline for European pre-commercial procurement and technical innovation to protect public spaces. The project connects security practitioners across Europe to identify the common vulnerabilities posing risks to the protection of public spaces. Through an iterative process, the project will prioritise the pertinent challenges and threats, establishing the technology gaps and assessing the market ecosystem in each area. 

The outcome will be identifying the critical threat and preparing an environment that allows contributors to complete a future pre-commercial procurement. The action will involve a collection of security end users’ needs, knowledge exchange between stakeholders, implementation of desk research and analysis, and conducting educational initiatives to support the preparatory activities for a pre-commercial procurement.

One of SHIELD4CROWD’s priorities is to establish a large base of security practitioners, beyond Consortium partners, to be actively involved in project activities and foster a bi-directional communication and exchange of knowledge and expertise. The practitioners will form the SHIELD4CROWD User Observatory Group.

The main goals of SHIELD4CROWD:

  • Aggregating public buyers to consolidate the demand for innovative security technologies that address common security needs, including the shared chain of security processes.
  • Better understanding of the potential EU-based supply of technical solutions and visibility of the potential demand in the EU market for common security technologies.
  • Improving access to consolidated practices, guidance and aligning the shared community requirements with market innovations.


08/2023 – 07/2024 (12 months)

We would like to invite you to the project website and its profiles on X (previously Twitter) and LinkedIn.