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PREVENT: Training on principles of pre-commercial public procurement

Representatives of PPHS participated in the training on the principles of conducting Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) on 10-12 December 2019, in Rotterdam. The event was organized as a part of the PREVENT project for companies in the area of public transport, Law Enforcement Agencies and buyers in public procurement.

During the training, which was both theoretical and practical, good practices and experiences from PCP contracts conducted so far in the European Union were presented. Participants received basic information related to the preparation and announcement of public pre-commercial procurement. Thus, they were familiarized with issues related to the preparation of competition documents, selection criteria as well as general principles and actions necessary to implement before the announcement of this contract.

The documentation developed within the PREVENT project and the preliminary market analysis will form the basis for applying for co-financing of another project aimed directly at conducting PCP for public transport.

The training was organized by CORVERS and VTREK – partners of the PREVENT project.