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Praetorian – Specialised vehicles for law enforcement agencies

Institutions performing the project:

  • Polish Platform for Homeland Security (Coordinator),
  • Business Knowledge Transfer Company of the Poznan University of Economics (Research Partner),
  • Germaz Car House (Industry Partner).

Goal of the project:

The goal of the Praetorian project is to develop prototypes of specialised vehicles suited to the highest extent to the needs of the law enforcement agencies, with careful consideration of opinions and expectations of officers. The result will be innovative cars that are fully adapted to the numerous challenges that LEAs must face in their work.

Praetorian I – Patrol-Riot Vehicle

The first part of the project was implemented from February 2018 to August 2019. The goal was to design and construct of the multi-function Patrol-Riot Vehicle with over 35 proprietary solutions for the Polish Police. The car was tested over a distance of 10,000 km by 54 officers, obtaining a final score of 9.2/10 points. The National Police HQ took into account 70% of the final conclusions and recommendations in the van purchase procedure.

Praetorian II – Multi-Patrol Vehicle

The main goal of developing the second car under the Praetorian project was to design and construct a multifunctional Multi-Patrol Vehicle with over 30 proprietary solutions for the Polish Police. The vehicle entered the field-testing phase in May 2023. The six-month testing plan assumed six different units of the Masovian Police Garrison and a wide range of use situations – from a typical patrol, through interventions, escorting arrested people, to traffic control, blocking, and checkpoint activities.

Praetorian III – Mobile Modules System

Praetorian III is a concept for development and testing of a mobile modules system for the Riot Police Units, Border Guard, Fire Service, and Territorial Defence Force. The system will consist of a module docking platform and 7 low and high-build modules (capsules). The results of concept tests in the Polish Police & the European Network of Law Enforcement Technology Services (ENLETS) were positive. This allowed the project team to start working on a physical prototype.

More information about the project can be found on the website under this link and the LinkedIn account.