Praetorian – a modern patrol and intervention vehicle

Preatorian is a prototype patrol and intervention vehicle and the result of the project performed by the Polish Platform for Homeland Security, the Business Knowledge Transfer Company of the Poznan University of Economics, and FordStore Germaz.

In January 2019, the tests of the Preatorian vehicle were started by the police in Poznan. Thanks to more than 20 innovative solutions, the Ford Transit Custom with side number 007 addresses the expectations of police officers. On the outside, it is equipped with bull bars enabling it to push other vehicles. Its interior is divided into three fully modifiable zones. The first is the driver’s space. In the second zone, depending on the needs, there is a table that facilitates patrolling duties or a larger number of seats connected to containers where helmets and private belongings can be kept. In the third zone, there is a cage for transporting detainees which can be converted into a frame with intervention equipment at any time. On interior walls fo the vehicle there are multiple sockets for charging mobile devices. The Preatorian can transport up to eight fully equipped officers.