PPHS supports the coordination of the ENLETS Network bringing together European Law Enforcement Technology Services

Our role is to organize and perform the work of the Secretariat and support the network’s coordinators. The cooperation between PPHS and ENLETS is a result of long-standing involvement of PPHS initiatives in ENLETS organized events and projects, these include among others European projects such as i-LEAD and QROC.

ENLETS brings together representatives from 29 European Union member states. The main task of the Network is to monitor security technologies, disseminate best practices among European law enforcement agencies, engage in the process of co-development of modern tools for fighting crime and initiate R&D projects. ENLETS is supported by National Contact Points (NCPs), which are direct liaisons between the individual member states and the Core Groups, which are responsible for coordination of the work.

Furthermore, another important element of ENLETS is the thematic working groups (Technology Interest Groups), which bring together representatives of individual European services, who are at the same time practitioners and experts in selected technologies. This form of cooperation currently includes working groups on the following topics: analysis of financial flows, unmanned aerial vehicles, cyber security, forensics of mobile devices and public order. More working groups will be created in the future.