PPHS is evolving and changing its branding

From day to day and even year to year, it is challenging to notice how much we change. Only when you stop and reflect can you see how much things have evolved. This is the case with the Polish Platform for Homeland Security, which has developed significantly in recent years. So much so the time has come for a change of appearance.

One of our regular activities is creating visual identities for numerous domestic and European projects. Ironically, our logo and branding have been somewhat neglected. Today, we are pleased to introduce our new logo, brand colours, and their meanings.

The Platform operates in the security of European societies- supporting public authorities, research, and technological innovation projects. Therefore, as a symbol of our organisation, the shield is an obvious choice.

The logo’s shape also refers to the borders of Poland, with which we are still closely linked – despite the growing number of initiatives at the European level in which we are involved. Our organisation not only aspires to be a trusted partner in the international arena but also a leader in the domestic market.

We also wanted to capture the innovation and networking aspect of our activities, which is emphasised by the colours blue and dark blue and the letter “P” created from lines and dots reminiscent of a network’s nodes. Please note that these connections are not closed because we don’t want to limit ourselves.

With all elements combined, the logo captures the essence of our current security-related work that sees PPHS partner with a gamut of recognised and respected partners in Poland and Europe.

We will introduce the changes gradually, starting with a new logo and moving to an updated version of our website. Contrary to appearances, the changes are not only cosmetic. You can also expect an evolution in our communication style and the topics discussed.

Thank you for accompanying us on this fascinating journey. We are excited to strengthen our existing relations and bolster the value PPHS delivers by forging new partnerships and synergies with relevant stakeholders at home and abroad.

If you have an idea or initiative you want to discuss with PPHS, please get in touch.

PPHS Communication Team