PPHS’ prevention program on countering radicalisation

The Polish Platform for Homeland Security prepares program on counteracting radicalisation in schools. Therefore, we invited all teachers, pedagogues and school psychologists to fill the survey regarding the situation in their school environment.

The program will address current threats of youth that appear in local societies and will correspond with real social needs and have impact on preventing mentioned threats. That’s why the performs a thorough analysis of the situation in the school environment is crucial.

The Polish Platform for Homeland Security actively participates in projects and initiatives aimed to tackling radicalisation. As a partner of the MINDb4ACT, we have organised pilot training in preventing radicalisation in September 2019 and will co-organises the RADPol2020 conference “Radicalisation in Central and Eastern Europe – trends, challenges and opportunities to counteract” which will take place as online formula on 18th June 2020; 25th June 2020 and 2nd July 2020. Also, PPHS is an active member of the local initiative “Threats Observatory of Young People” in the Wielkopolska Region. Additionally, PPHS is a part of the prevention ecosystem for the few years which an example is an organization of the conference entitled “The role of integrated prevention in ensuring the safety of children and young persons” on 6th December 2017 in Warsaw. What is important, PPHS is a leader of the research and development SNAPPY – Database of Standardized Prevention Programs project which implementation will be completed in July 2021.