PPHS presentation at the Information Day organised within “Secure Societies” area

The second edition of the online H2020 Secure Societies European Information Day and Brokerage Event was held on 12th May 2020. The Polish Platform for Homeland Security was invited to attend the event to share its experience regarding implementation of European projects within the Horizon 2020.

The short presentation showed benefits from participating in initiatives organised by the SEREN4 network of contact points area from the perspective of projects implementation. PPHS made the decision to submit first European proposals in 2015. Afterwards, its representatives attended the first Info Day & Brokerage Event in Brussels in 2016. As a result of that, a lot of valuable international contacts were made, what led to an involvement in consortia, of which two received European funding (i-LEAD, MINDb44ACT). Thanks to the gathered experience, PPHS is currently involves in 8 EU ongoing projects. The newest project implemented by PPHS is the EU-HYBNET on countering hybrid threats.

During the event following presentations were given:

The PPHS’ presentation is available under this link, while the video with the speech can be found here (password: yHm65GMK, the presentation starts from 1:36:36).

The meeting was organised by the National Contact Point for EU Research Programs and the SEREN4 network. We would like to thank the both institutions for invited us and gave the floor to PPHS in order to share our experience with other participants of the meeting.