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PPHS’s online training courses

The Polish Platform for Homeland Security organises online training courses for interested institutions. The training courses conducted in real time by our trainers, with exactly the same content as our classroom training courses. Remote collaboration is enabled by special online work tools that can be used by each trainee on his or her computer, in the office or at home.

The main topics of the courses are ethics, anti-corruption, and cyber security. Recently, the PPHS’s Training and Audit Department has conducted two such courses:

1. Training project for the Office of Technical Inspection:

Since October this year, the PPHS’s Training and Audit Department has organized training courses for the Office of Technical Inspection (UDT) in Warsaw titled “Ethics, anti-corruption, and conflict of interest, including identification of situations involving corruption and behavior in these situations, as well as the consequences of an act of corruption for the employees of the UDT.” 180 employees of the UDT will be trained in the course of the project.

2. Training project for the Podlaskie Province Office in Białystok:

Another online course is the event organized for the Podlaskie Province Office in Białystok. The topic of the training was cyber security in public administration. The project was organized for 300 employees of the institution.