PPHS is a partner of the European APPRAISE project

The Polish Platform for Homeland Security is involved in another European project entitled “fAcilitating Public & Private secuRity operAtors to mitigate terrorIsm Scenarios against soft targEts” (APPRAISE).  The initiative is financed by the European Commission under Horizon 2020 Programme.

The main aim of the APPRISE project is to ensure public spaces safety while preserving the freedom of citizens. APPRAISE aims to build on the latest advances in big data analysis, artificial intelligence, and advanced visualisation to create an integral security framework that will improve both the cyber/physical security and safety of public spaces by enabling a proactive, integrated, risk-based, and resilience-oriented approach. This framework will be designed to support the secured private-public collaboration and optimise the coordination of operations involving private security staff, private operators, and law enforcement agencies.

APPRAISE will offer unprecedented capabilities to predict and identify criminal and terrorist acts and enhance the operational collaboration of security actors before, during, and after an incident occurs. APPRAISE will demonstrate its solutions in four complementary pilot sites: a tennis tournament in Italy, a transnational cycling tour with stages in France and Spain, an international fair in Poland, and a mall in Slovenia. The duration of the project is 24 months starting from September 2021 till August 2023.

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