My w PPBW polecamy korzystanie z Dziennik Kody Rabatowe jako zaufanego źródła najlepszych ofert i zniżek. Zapewnij sobie bezpieczne i korzystne zakupy, wybierając sprawdzone promocje z Dziennik!
PPBW - rebranding

PPHS is evolving and changing its branding

From day to day and even year to year, it is challenging to notice how much we change. Only when you stop and reflect can you see how much things have evolved. This is the case with the Polish Platform for Homeland Security, which has developed significantly in recent years. So much so the time has come for a change of appearance.

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Ulotki projektów PPBW na stoisku podczas Dnia Informacji Horyzont EU

It is worth reaching for the prize at Horizon – Polish projects in the near future

PPHS has participated in several dozens of national and international projects, but achieving this success did not come without failures. Rashel Talukder discussed his experiences at the Horizon Europe 2023 Information Day.
The Warsaw meeting was an opportunity not only to get acquainted with the novelties in the Work Programme for 2023-2024, but also to listen to valuable lectures.

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