Invitation to the i-LEAD Industry Days
The meeting will take place in Helsinki on 5th November 2019.
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Results of research on immunity witnessesh – Dr Zbigniew Rau

The most recent issue (no. 5, 2013) of the Prokuratura i Prawo periodical ( contains an article entitled “Results of research on immunity witnesses – empirical comparative research conducted in the years 2001, 2009, and 2012” written by Dr Zbigniew Rau, the Coordinator of the Polish Platform for Homeland Security. Read the article here. Share

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Money laundering and it’s implications – a new publication edited by Professor Emil W. Pływaczewski

The publication presents a comprehensive approach to the problem of money laundering and discusses in particular, from the historical and contemporary perspective, it’s criminological , penal-law, financial-law, banking law, economic, international, international-law, criminalistics, and technical and organizational aspects. The contributing authors of the publication are experts from Polish universities who focus on money laundering as

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Seminar entitled “Public-Private Partnership” held during the EUROPOLTECH 2013 conference

On 18 April 2013, as a part of the 6th International Police Conference and the International Police and Security Services Technology and Equipment Fair EUROPOLTECH 2013, a seminar entitled “Public-Private Partnership as an Opportunity to Finance Investments in the Infrastructure of Internal Security Services and Agencies”, organized by the Polish Platform for Homeland Security, was

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The PPBW to co-organize the 2013 EUROPOLTECH Conference and Trade Fair

On 17-19 April 2013, the 6th International Police Conference entitled “The National Road Safety Programme 2013-2020 – New Challenges for the Police and Other Services and Institutions Responsible for Road Safety” and the International Police and Security Services Technology and Equipment Fair Europoltech 2013 ( will be held in Warsaw. The honorary patron of the

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