Sytuacja na granicy -

Situation on the Polish-Ukrainian Border

On February 24, the war in Ukraine began due to the Russian invasion. This tragic fact triggered a wave of refugees who began to look for a safe place in neighbouring countries (Poland, Slovakia, Moldova, Romania, Hungary) from the areas affected by the conflict.

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MIRAD Expert Board - thumbnail

MIRAD: Join the Expert Board!

Are you an expert in right-wing or Islamist extremism representing science, NGOs, or civil society organizations? Or you are a practitioner representing the staff of the prison system, the judiciary, or probation, and you deal with radicalism in your work?

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INDEED: Project Newsletter #1

It’s been 6 months since the start of the INDEED Project! We encourage you to read the first issue of the Project’s newsletter. PPHS serves as a coordinator of the project activities.

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Help for Ukraine

The Russian aggression on the Ukrainian territory continues. Especially now, all of us should show our solidarity with the Ukrainian people, who are victims of an unjustified attack by Russia.

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