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i-LEAD: Report on standardisation and procurement

We would like to inform you that a report “Recommendations on Standardisation and Procurement” was released within the European i-LEAD project. The publication was developed under the leadership of the Polish Platform for Homeland Security, as a part of the Work Package 4.

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A Pilot Preventive Program provided by PPHS

We are pleased to announce that the Polish Platform for Homeland Security has started cooperating with the General Education School Complex No. 1 in Gorzow Wielkopolski in the field of counteracting radicalization in the school environment.

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Szkolenia online PPBW

PPHS organises Online Trainings!

The Coronavirus pandemic which began in the spring of 2020, has had a large effect on many aspects of our daily operations at the PPHS. Our onsite training was one of these operations however, the past 12 months have shown us that we can successfully help government entities carry out their tasks and provide them with knowledge and training in regards to current legislation.

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Hybrid threats – join the EU-HYBNET network!

EU-HYBNET is inviting applications from legal entities who are interested in becoming new network members, to contribute to problem scoping, innovation mapping, workshops, research, and training in order to increase the network participants’ capability to counter hybrid threats.

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A Week with Horizon Europe

“A Week with Horizon Europe” is an event that was hosted between the 8th-12th February 2021. The event was comprised of a series of online meetings that include Regional Contact Points of the EU framework and the National Contact Points for EU Research Programs.

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