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New Security Initiative: Threats Observatory for the Wielkopolska Region

As the Polish Platform, in addition to the implementation of numerous national and European projects, we are also involved in other forms of increasing safety. One of these is the Threats Observatory for the Wielkopolska Region, which will bring together key institutions from our region.

A letter of intent for its establishment was signed on 27th March by Agata Sobczyk, the Voivode of the Wielkopolska Region, Paulina Stochnialek, a member of the Board of the Wielkopolskie Voivodship  and junior inspector Violetta Mojta, the Deputy Commander of the Provincial Police Commander in Poznan. The aim of the initiative is to provide a better everyday life for the inhabitants of Wielkopolska Region and City of Poznan, where we are based.

In addition to anticipating and preventing dangerous situations, the Threats Observatory for the Wielkopolska Region will also support and coordinate social activities in the area of safety. Except for PPHS, other organisations invited to cooperate include Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Caritas Poznan, the District Court in Poznan, the Education Office in Poznan, the Local Committee for Protection of Child Rights, the Municipal Family Assistance Centre in Poznan, the Teacher Training Center in Poznan as well as representatives of young people, adults and senior citizens. The project will set up expert and task forces, as well as substantive groups.

The project is a natural continuation of the work of the Threats Observatory for Young People – an interdisciplinary initiative to improve the safety of the youngest members of our community through the cooperation of numerous institutions and entities that have the tools to achieve the set goals.

(Photos: the Office of Wielkopolska Province in Poznan)