New project implemented by PPHS – “Quick Response for Operation Centers” (QROC)

Polish Platform for Homeland Security has started implementing a project entitled “Quick Response for Operation Centers” (QROC). Its objective is to identify needs, exchange good practices and carry out a foresight procedure, which is a method of anticipating the future, in terms of new technologies for police operational centers.

A total of eighteen institutions from Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Finland, Greece, the Netherlands, Ireland, Luxembourg, Romania, Slovenia, Spain and Poland are involved in the project. The tasks are coordinated by Dutch Institute for Technology, Safety and Security (DITSS). The PPHS is responsible for developing scenarios which will serve as a foundation of exercises for law enforcement agencies to test new technologies and forms of cooperation.

The QROC project is an initiative of the ENLETS (European Network of Law Enforcement Technology Services) under the Internal Security Fund – a police cooperation instrument financed by the European Commission.

More about the project.