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Meeting of the Advisory Board of the PPHS

On 29 March 2017, in the Palace and Culture in Warsaw, a session of the Advisory Board of the Polish Platform for Homeland Security was held.

The main objectives of the meeting were to present the current projects being performed in the framework of the Polish Platform for Homeland Security and to discuss further works that could be undertaken by the Platform.

The session of the Board was opened by Professor Emil W. Plywaczewski – the Head Coordinator of the PPHS, and Prof. Arkadiusz Letkiewicz – the Project Coordinator. Rashel Talukder, the Managing Director, presented the current works and projects being performed in the framework of the Platform.

During the discussion that followed, the members of the Board suggested new directions of works to be undertaken by the Platform. The following areas were suggested:

  • Organization of subject-specific working meetings with representatives of government agencies, academic institutions, and business in the area of security;
    Each meeting would focus on a different topic, e.g. drones, cyber security, telecommunication systems, etc. The purpose of the meeting would be to exchange information about the current needs of uniformed services in specific areas and to enable delivery of such solutions by the business and science sectors.
  • The directions of development of technologies in the area of security foreseen by representatives of decision-making bodies (public authorities), academic institutions, the industry, the mass media, NGO’s, and the public;
  • Taking preventive actions related to and conducting public discussion on prevention of crime – including legal education of the public;
  • Involvement of the PPBW in the works and projects related to the worldwide trend to combine the areas of security and defense, due to their close relationship;
  • Participation of the PPBW in “building the state’s immunity” to all kinds of threats;
  • Implementation of effects of R&D works in the area of security.

The meeting of the Advisory Board was attended by:

  • Dr. Artur Bartoszewicz – PPBW advisor, Warsaw School of Economics;
  • Jaroslaw Dus – Director, National Public Prosecutor’s Office;
  • Marcin Golizda-Blizinski – PPBW advisor, expert in cyber security;
  • Prof. Ewa Guzik-Makaruk – Vice Dean, Faculty of Law, University of Bialystok;
  • Chief Superintendent Andrzej Kropiwiec – Head, Department of Coordination of Weapons and Police Technology Management, Logistics Bureau of the National Police Headquarters;
  • Col. Marcin Lipka – Government Protection Bureau;
  • 1st Lieutenant Katarzyna Matysek – Government Protection Bureau;
  • Col. Adam Ozimek – Border Guard;
  • Sebastian Serwiak – Deputy Director, National Contact Point for EU Research Programs;
  • Chief Brigadier Witold Skomra – Advisor to the Director of the Government Security Center;
  • Slawomir Snieżko – PPBW advisor, expert in anti-corruption;
  • Judge Anna Maria Wesolowska;
  • Marek Wierzbicki – PPBW advisor;
  • Dr. Zbigniew Wrona – Director, Department of Legal Affairs and Control Jurisprudence, Supreme Audit Office.
  • Gen. Dariusz Wronski – President, Implementation and Production Center of the Technical Institute of the Air Force;
  • Prof. Andrzej Zybertowicz – Advisor to the President of the Republic of Poland;
  • Junior Insp. Mariusz Zurawski – Deputy Director, Logistics Bureau of the National Police Headquarters.