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How will PREVENT PCP improve the security in public transport and areas?

As PPHS we are involved in several European projects, initiatives & networks including PREVENT PCP. During the Plenary meeting & Kick-off of the Phase 1 held in Paris on December 14-16 the project team concluded actions taken up in 2022.

PREVENT PCP bases on the pre-commercial procurement (PCP) approach. What is it actually? PCP is a method for public buyers to acquire research and development services. The purpose of that is to steer the development of new innovations towards the needs of users.

In case of PREVENT, the Consortium is looking for technology solutions that will allow timely automatic detection of potentially dangerous unattended items, identification and tracking of perpetrators, and advanced crisis management system. These problems have been identified as crucial during implementation of the PREVENT CSA project, which has laid the foundations for PCP activities.

One of the main elements of the PREVENT PCP gathering in Paris was an announcement of the Consortia qualified to the next stage of the PCP process. The project team was very excited to announce that the awarded Contractors are:

  • DAIMON Consortium – CS GROUP France, CERTH, XXII Group
  • PreventUS A.I. – Ayvos A.S.
  • Protecting Railway Transportation via Artificial Intelligence Consortium – Satways Ltd., imotion Analytics, Vicomtech
  • BULL SAS – Bull SAS (Atos)
  • PANOPTES Consortium – Herta Security S.L., ChapsVision, ACIC SA
  • AI-Transportation Consortium – A.I. Tech srl, SAET SpA.
meeting prevent pcp Paris

That was accompanied by the launching of the Solution Design Phase preceded by the Preparatory Stage. During the ongoing stage, the awarded R&D providers will be asked to describe the complete architecture and design of presented solutions. They are also required to verify the technical, economic and organisational feasibility of their solution approach so it can properly address the PCP challenges, taking into account the results of the previous phase. More information about a full process can be found here.

Beside this part, the meeting in Paris allowed partners to summarize and plan upcoming works. PPHS as a leader of the communication tasks also presented an update on its activities. Additionally, the gathering was an opportunity to update the User Observatory Group members with current progresses.

The event in Paris was quite intense for all the participants. Apart from the classic meeting and discussion about expected outcomes, there was a visit to the Security Control Centre operated by RATP, a public transport operator from France involved in PREVENT PCP, and exploration of the Paris metro network. The previously mentioned technology solutions will be tested in four pilot sites. To make that possible, the participants spent one of the nights at the Châtelet Les Halles station to record a dataset, while the metro was closed for passengers. Those materials will help the developed technologies to learn and test algorithms for recognising abandoned luggage in the infrastructure of the pilot sites.

Please visit the PREVENT PCP website to be up-to-date with recent news!