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The IN2PREV project has officially taken its first steps!

The initiative was launched with partners from 6 European countries to prevent radicalisation while supporting the successful integration of refugees and asylum seekers in Europe. All of the consortium partners got together in a Kick-off Meeting on the 9th and 10th of January in Lisbon, Portugal.

For next 36 months partners will be working on the development, validation, and implementation of forward-thinking and reliable training programs, thus meeting the priority of “Improving the availability of high-quality learning opportunities for adults”. The programmes include courses for trainers on prevention and identification of risk factors for radicalization. Courses facilitating integration through mentoring will enable more effective work with refugees and asylum seekers.

The kick-off meeting in Lisbon served to present the ongoing activities and to discuss the next steps. The main topics during the two-day meeting were directly related to each of the 5 work packages of the project, the objectives and the methodology: financial aspects and reporting, as well as division of tasks between the partners. PPHS presented the specifics of work organisation in the implementation of Work Package 2. Together with all participants of the consortium, the expected outcomes and deadlines were discussed. In addition, the requirements for experts potentially invited to join Advisory Expert Committee were discussed. What’s more, a list of countries from which organisations will be invited to join the Frontline Practitioners Network was announced.

Also, all partners participated in an information session with a representative of the Portuguese Erasmus+ National Agency, discussed the development of an action plan and planned upcoming working meetings.

More information about the goals of the projects can be found here.