i-LEAD Research Day 2021

What is the i-LEAD Research Day?

To start 2021, i-LEAD is organising a Research Day. This one-day event complements the Industry Day that took place in October 2020.

Research Day is organised in association with the Europol Innovation Lab. During the one-day session, i-LEAD provides a space for research initiatives, researchers and Industry to deliver presentations, of approximately 1 hour, directly to security practitioners and procurement specialists from European law enforcement agencies (LEAs).

The thematic topics for this year are Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning and Decryption.

The topics stem from the workshops facilitated by the UK Home Office during the i-LEAD project.

During the gatherings, i-LEAD identified several reoccurring requirements that popped up, regardless of the workshop domain. They were often worded differently depending on the subject, but the root of the requirement spawned from the same requests:

  1. To speed up processes / operations / investigations using artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning – supported by workflow automation.
  2. To decrypt the communications between criminals, allowing officers to gain awareness of the interactions and intentions of organized crime.
  3. New techniques and approaches to gain access to encrypted data stored on hardware devices.

The goal of the first Research Day is to assess opportunities for improving activities by integrating AI and decryption technologies into investigations and operations. Consequently, Researchers, Academics and Businesses are invited to explain how their work could enhance policing activities related to any, or all of the following domains:

  • Drug Crime
  • Financial Investigations & Crypto-currencies
  • Public Order
  • Crime Scene Recording & Documentation
  • Digital Forensics

AI, machine learning and decryption are truly horizontal matters, and we encourage any related entities to submit their ideas on how concepts and prototypes (not ready made solutions – TRL 6 or below ) that are on the horizon could be exploited to improve policing capabilities in Europe. The goal of the meeting is to foster cooperation, supporting ongoing dialogue between LEAs and the research market. –

We encourage you to participate in the i-LEAD Research Day, which is free of charge. The registration form for participants can be found here.

How the event will work

The Research projects, technology concepts and ideas will present their work directly to LEAs and members of Industry. An opportunity for dialogue and dedicated Q&A will accompany the session with the goal of covering the most pertinent topics.

What Areas interest i-LEAD?

Although crime areas differ in practicality, many of the technologies that could help support Law Enforcement and improve the fight against criminals are cross-sectional. This is especially true regarding Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Decryption Technologies. Thus, concepts and solutions that supplement other technologies or can integrate with tools are a key focus area in 2021.

The possibilities for presentations are not limited. The project team welcomes any suggestions connected to AI and Decryption. The following list highlights topics that have been raised during workshops, but it is by no means exhaustive.

AI/Machine Learning 

  • Speeding up video and photo analysis
  • Completing Semantic analysis of content (written, video, audio)
  • Predictive situational analysis
  • Automated contextualisation analysis for extracted data
  • Automated programme searches, to speed up manual searches of online content and/or extracted data
  • Securing AI technologies
  • Explainable and/or court proof AI
  • AI for mobile technology/field operations


  • Decrypting application data on mobile phones
  • Extracting encrypted data from physical data storage on digital devices
  • Password Cracking
  • Decrypting data associated with financial transactions (identifiers) 
  • Decrypting short message application data
  • Post-quantum cryptography

Associated Partner

Contact Details

Twitter – @i_LEAD_Project

The Polish Platform for Homeland Security organises the i-LEAD Research Day; if you have any questions or aspects you would like to discuss, please reach out to steven.ormston@ppbw.pl.

What is i-LEAD?

i-LEAD logo

An EU funded project running under the H2020 initiative. i-LEAD brings together Law Enforcement Agencies from across Europe, working together to unravel many of the complex issues faced across numerous crime topics.

As well as the lasting network, the project outputs include recommendations on the EU level; connected to technology, standards and procurement opportunities that can boost the uptake of innovations and the interoperability between LEAs. Thus, enhancing the success of law enforcement investigations – especially in cross border crimes.

Many of the challenges and issues faced by LEAs are uncovered in i-LEAD through a series of yearly workshops covering 5 thematic areas managed by 5 practitioner groups (PG), located across Europe.


To exploit the information and data gathered and analysed through the workshops, the Industry Days model was formed.

In 2019, the i-LEAD project launched the first ‘Industry Day’ – an event dedicated to Industry, Security Practitioners and Procurement. The goal of the event was to provide an atmosphere and environment conducive for collaboration and deep discussion about technology and the real-world issues facing Law Enforcement.

i-LEAD Research Day


In addition to the main programme, three research projects were included in the agenda. Although the event, on the whole, was a relative success, the small portion of the day dedicated to research initiatives did not provide a suitable space. Therefore, to complement the Industry Day 2020, i-LEAD will also run a separate ‘Research Day’. The event is organised in association with “The Hague Security Delta” (HSD).

The goal of Research Day is to review the opportunities and possibilities for tackling current problems of LEAs with new and novel approaches. This dialogue is a primary part of the i-LEAD project; thus, we connect LEAs, tech providers and research to discuss some of the known issues faced by forces across Europe. It is important to note that the issues have been elicited during the project through deep discussion and workshops conducted with LEAs and run by the UK’s Home Office. The outputs of these gatherings are detailed reports that are shared with LEAs and the European Commission. Also, condensed versions of the official reports are created and distributed through Industry (download reports:20182019).

As with the Industry Day, the Research Event will run online as the risk of organising a physical meeting was deemed too high.