i-LEAD Research Day (online, new date)

We would like to inform you that the i-LEAD Research Day will be held as online formula in November 2020 (date TBC). The meeting follows Industry Day 2.0.

The i-LEAD Research Day provides a space for research initiatives and researchers to deliver presentations directly to security practitioners and procurement specialists from European law enforcement agencies (LEAs). The goal of the meeting is to foster cooperation, supporting an ongoing dialogue between LEAs and the research market. The dialogue combines several topics directed at the known gaps and needs of practitioners identified in practitioners’ workshops organised through i-LEAD.

The themes for this year’s event include –

i-LEAD Industry Days 2.0

The research of technologies and novel approaches to combat them is deeply embedded in the i-LEAD project. The team responsible for monitoring the Research sphere is compiling reports dedicated to LEAs and the European Commission to inform them of the relevant work being executed.

The event is organised in association with the Europol Innovation Lab and “The Hague Security Delta” (HSD). The registration form for participants can be found here. More information about the i-LEAD Research Day can be found at: http://www.ppbw.pl/en/i-lead-research-day.

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