i-LEAD Innovation – Law Enforcement Agencies Dialogue


  • Dutch National Police – Netherlands.


  • Belgian Police – Belgium;
  • Regional Police Headquarters in Poznan – Poland;
  • Spanish National Police Force – Spain;
  • National Police Board of Finland – Finland;
  • KEMEA The Center for Security Studies – Greece;
  • Italian Ministry of the Interior – Italy;
  • Inspectoratul General al Politiei Romane-Romanian Police – Romania;
  • UK Home Office – Great Britain;
  • Policia Judiciaria – Portugal;
  • Arma dei Carabinieri – Italy;
  • Lithuanian Police – Lithuania;
  • Polish Platform for Homeland Security (PPHS) – Poland;
  • Lithuanian Cybercrime Centre of Excellence for Training, Research and Education – Lithuania;
  • TNO – Netherlands;
  • European Organisation for Security (EOS) – Belgium;
  • Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission – France;
  • National Institute for Criminalistics and Criminology – Belgium;
  • Netherlands Standardization Institute – Netherlands.

Description of the project:

The I-LEAD project belongs to a small group of CSA projects (Coordination and Support Actions). These are projects that involve the creation and coordination of a network of practitioners to promote research and innovation. The project, whose implementation was planned for 2017-2022, is managed by the Dutch Police, and the consortium includes 19 partners.

The main objective of the project is to discuss among the representatives of the police from European Union countries on the possibilities of using new technologies in five thematic areas: Front Line Policing, Cross Border Crime, Cybercrime, Crime & Intelligence and Forensics.

Within the project PPHS, as the Work Package 4 Leader, is responsible for activities dedicated to the development of common European standards for technologies which are relevant from the European police services perspectives and supporting security services in joint public procurement. The CEN (European Committee for Standardization) is also involved in these activities through NEN (National Standardization Body of the Netherlands), which is a direct partner of the project.

More information about i-LEAD can be found on the project website.


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This project is financed by the European Commission.