i-LEAD: Industry Day 2.0

“The Innovation – Law Enforcement Agencies Dialogue” (i-LEAD) project is organizing “Industry Day 2.0” which will take place in the Netherlands on 7th October 2020. The event is organised in association with “The Hague Security Delta” (HSD).

The one-day event, which is dedicated to LEAs and Industry – strives to forge mutually beneficial relations between industry experts and law enforcement specialists. Moreover, with the additional presence of procurement specialists, Industry Days are an attempt to bring together critical members of the security ecosystem that can spearhead new approaches to the complex security issues faced across Europe.

We encourage you to participate in the i-LEAD Industry Days. The event is free of charge. The registration form for participants can be found here. If you are a technology provider and would like to apply to present and take part in this year’s event – please complete this application until the end of July.

More information about i-LEAD Industry Days can be found at: www.ppbw.pl/en/i-lead-industry-days.

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