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FORMOBILE: Mobile Forensic Improvements Year 1 Summary

FORMOBILE celebrated its first anniversary in May, providing an ideal opportunity to reflect on the efforts taken in year 1 to improve the mobile forensic investigation chain.

Due to the current COVID-19 epidemic, it has not been possible for the consortium to meet recently; however, as many around the world are doing, we are striving to ensure everyone is connected and work stays on track during these unusual times. Thankfully, partners in the project can contribute actively and, through a series of regular online meetings, work is still advancing as initially planned.

In many ways, the first year of the project was connected to making people aware of the initiative but also for the different work packages to actively engage stakeholders connected to mobile forensics. The goal here was to elicit the requirements and challenges faced by security practitioners across Europe, thus allowing the teams to review the current state of the art and complete the necessary gap analyses.

To support these efforts, a series of online and physical meetings, questionnaires, surveys and interviews were used to gather valuable input from various stakeholders. Below are the highlights of each work package.

FORMOBILE - 1st year of the project

Overview of key works

Work Package 1:

Work Package 2:

  • Assisting other work packages to follow all the necessary legal requirements. This has involved the creation of a Data Management Plan along with other WPs, plus various policies for the website and the individual surveys and questionnaires

Work Package 3:

Work Package 4-6:

  • The continuous design, development and testing of 12 tools that will be produced through FORMOBILE (Sensitive information meaning limited information can be shared)

Work Package 7:

Work Package 8:

Work Package 9:

  • Detailed and thorough project management – supporting all other work packages and maintaining consistent communication

Work Package 10:

  • Responsible for all ethical matters connected to the project

Full FORMOBILE project summary can be found here.