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FORMOBILE and CYCLOPES at the “ICT crime” conference in Gdynia

On 21-23 September 2021 in Gdynia there was held the third edition of the Scientific Conference “ICT crime of the XXI century” organised by the Naval Academy. The leading theme of the event was “Digital evidence. Between disclosure and presentation”.

Representatives of the Polish Platform for Homeland Security were invited to present two European projects – CYCLOPES and FORMOBILE. The first project was presented by Rashel Talukder, who is the coordinator of the CYCLOPES project. Its goal is to build a network and cooperation of cybersecurity practitioners. It is a 5-year initiative that started in May 2021.

“From Mobile Phones to Court” through an “end-to-end forensic investigation chain for mobile devices” are two key sentences that cover the main goal of the FORMOBILE project, which was introduced second. Natalia Jarmużek-Troczyńska, in her short presentation, made a preview of the FORMOBILE results, which can be expected in April 2022. Among the main outcomes that will support the work of the Law Enforcement Agencies are innovative tools for effective data acquisition, decoding, analysis and visualisation, as well as training and developed standard in this area.

To demonstrate these efforts, on 18th-19th November 2021, the Polish Platform for Homeland Security together with the Consortium Partners is organising an event that will present tangible examples of how FORMOBILE benefits LEAs in practical scenarios. More information can be found at this link.

Both projects are financed by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 Program