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We support the fight against corruption in Ukraine

Corruption is a serious problem that slows down the healthy development of countries. It harms the state, the entire economy, and even individual citizens. Ukraine, which like other countries has been fighting corruption and its effects for years, is also affected by this phenomenon.

For this reason, the European Union (EU) has offered assistance, in which the Polish Platform for Homeland Security (PPHS) also plays a role.

The EU Anti-Corruption Initiative in Ukraine (EUACI) has been established in cooperation between the EU and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark. Its mission is to support Ukraine’s integration into the European Union by reducing fraud and ensuring that the forthcoming reconstruction aid for the country is well managed and used effectively.

EUACI achieves its goals, among others, by influencing the development of Ukrainian anti-corruption institutions. It also provides assistance to civil society organisations and investigative journalists, increasing their role in the fight against corruption. Under the EUACI program, European experts are also closely cooperating with city mayors and representatives of public administration to strengthen transparency, accountability and fairness in the actions of authorities.

Support under the program is offered by providing specialist knowledge, IT solutions, training and others. This is the area that PPHS joined the initiative. Our role was to help organise workshops for the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU). The training was related to the implementation of intelligence improvements facilitating the detection of corruption.

Workshops on the recruitment of intelligence and informants took place in Lviv at the NABU headquarters in March and May 2023. In total for 20 days Ukrainian specialists worked and improved their skills under the supervision of Polish Platform for Homeland Security qualified trainers.

Unfortunately, the current situation does not facilitate extensive activities, but our joint efforts will certainly contribute to Ukraine’s faster reconstruction after the end of the war, its dynamic development and integration with the European Union.