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On 26-28 April 2017, the 8th International Police Conference and the 6th International Police and Security Services Technology and Equipment Trade Fair EUROPOLTECH 2017.

The Polish Platform for Homeland Security co-organized both these events. The main topic of the conference was “Logistics in public administration in the context of threats in the contemporary world – new challenges for the service supporting the basic activity of formations and entities responsible for the security of the state”.

During the opening session of the conference, Prof. Arkadiusz Letkiewicz, the Coordinator of the PPBW, gave a presentation titled “Logistics in the Police”. During the same session, Len Matthew, the Purchase and Procurement Manager of the Police in Norfolk and Suffolk, UK, also gave a presentation. It’s title was “From identification of needs to purchase of the product – the process of implementation of public procurement for the Police in the United Kingdom”.

In the following sessions, other attendees invited to the conference by the Polish Platform for Homeland Security gave presentations:

  1. Professor Andrzej Czyzewski, Gdansk University of Technology – “Intelligent traffic signs for adaptative control of vehicle traffic”;
  2. Jason Johnstone, Abertay University, Scotland – “Social engineering used by cyber criminals and errors made by companies and public institutions related to improper cyber security policies”;
  3. Professor Ryszard Katulski, Gdansk University of Technology – “Wireless system for data acquisition from mobile information sources”;
  4. Professor Marek Kisiel-Dorohnicki, Stanislaw Staszic AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow – “The role of investigative information technology and analytical tools in the fight against cyber crime”;
  5. Gerard Frankowski, Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center – “Security of IoT devices in the context of security of critical infrastructure, with reference to the European project symbIoTe”;
  6. Adam Przybyla TELESTE Sp. z o.o. – “Modern video monitoring systems in building security, integration with other security systems, uniform integrating platform”;
  7. Prof. Mariusz Ziolko, Stanislaw Staszic AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow – “Biometric analysis of telephone calls”;
  8. Rashel Talukder, Managing Director of the PPBW – “Presentation of the topics announced by the European Committee in the contest for 2017, in the area Secure Societies of the Horizon 2020 Program”;
  9. Mariusz Kruger, SATLAN Sp. z o.o. – “Modern technologies that enable sending high quality images and sounds using various recorders, including wearable cameras and drones. Presentation based on examples implemented in 2016 in the Hungarian Police” and “Efficient and ergonomic repositories for services and institutions responsible for the security of the state that enable aggregation and management of large quantities of content and audio-video materials”.

During the 8th International Conference, a Seminar was held, organized by the Polish Platform for Homeland Security, titled “Identification of threats to security using integrated monitoring systems.”. During the seminar, modern organizational and technological solutions were presented that enable effective management of systems for monitoring threats to security.

Agenda of the Seminar here.

More information about those events can be found on the website.