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European Projects Newsletters are available!

We would like to inform you that FORMOBILE and EU-HYBNET projects have released their newsletters. PPHS is involved in both initiatives financed by the European funds.

As FORMOBILE focuses on the last 6 of its 36-month duration, the review gave all involved parties a chance to pause and make the remaining minor changes in preparation to deliver the maximum value in the final stages. The last part of the project includes the release of key outputs and the attainment of FORMOBILE’s three primary objectives – new tools, a standardised approach for mobile forensics and the latest training and education materials to complement these results and support critical stakeholders connected to the #DFIR community. The 7th issue of the newsletter can be found here.

EU-HYBNET consortium reports on its activities twice a year. The project is coordinated by Laurea University of Applied Sciences. Laurea is the leading provider of civilian security education in Finland. Its objective is to develop a European network to detect, prepare for and counter hybrid threats. The 3rd EU-Hybnet Newsletter is available under this link.