The upcoming events within EU-HYBNET – the project focused on countering hybrid threats

The EU-HYBNET project’s team, with our involvement, actively works on countering hybrid threats. This kind of aggression uses i.a. IT technologies as a weapon against another country. We invite you to the upcoming events organised under that initiative.

We begin this year’s activities at the end of March in Rome with a workshop dedicated to uncovering current gaps and needs related to hybrid threats. It will be an excellent opportunity to meet with partners from different countries and exchange ideas. You will also have a chance to visit the beautiful capital city of Italy. 

The next event will be organized in Bucharest. On April 19 and 20, in the Romanian capital city, participants will discuss issues regarding future trends. EU-HYBNET’s Annual Workshop will also take place there.  

All these sessions make it possible to exert a real influence on the further actions of the entire community. They also provide an opportunity to get familiar with a wide range of practitioners whose knowledge can support your institution. 

We would like to invite you to take part in these events. If you are interested in this topic, but not yet engaged in the project, we also encourage you to become a partner in EU-HYBNET. You can join our community here!