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CYRUS – A personalised, customised, work-based training framework for enhanced cybersecurity skills across industrial sectors  


  • Deep Blue SRL – Italy 


  • Cefriel Limited Liability Consortium Company – Italy 
  • Foundation Free University Amsterdam (Stichting VU) –Netherlands  
  • G&N Silensec LTD – Cyprus 
  • Polish Platform for Homeland Security – Poland 
  • EIT Manufacturing Central GGMBH – Germany 
  • Italian Chamber of Commerce for Germany (ITKAM) – Germany 
  • International Union of Railways – France 
  • European Federation for Welding Joining and Cut – Belgium
  • Spiru Haret University – Romania 
  • Lithuanian Innovation Centre – Lithuania 

Description of the project 

The CYRUS project is a three–year initiative that aims to create more effective and engaging cybersecurity courses than traditional classroom courses. It aims to use new technologies such as digitalization, virtualization, and e-learning to create training courses that are customized to the specific needs and skills of each user. 

Who is the project addressed to 

The target group of the proposed training sessions is employees at all levels of the organization, mainly from small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) in the transport sector. These are both new entrants, professionals, and managers who want to improve their specialist competencies. Cybersecurity training paths will be tailored to each role and institution. They will also be personalized according to the skills, knowledge, and attitudes of the recipients.   

Planned results 

Participants of the training will be provided with a complete set of skills and resources necessary to remain vigilant to identify and respond to cyberattacks. The project will focus on developing 18 cybersecurity courses that will cover technical skills, methodological and organizational aspects, and practical exercises for the different industrial sectors, taking into account the needs of SMEs. The courses will include virtualization, dedicated cyber-range simulations in operational settings, and work-based learning. It will allow us to deliver the training on time and in an efficient way. The aim is to help organizations create an “innovation DNA” on cybersecurity by giving their employees the skills and knowledge that they need to identify, mitigate and respond to cyber threats. 

The courses will include practical exercises, presentations, games and role-plays, case studies, and on-the-job simulations in a cyber-range environment. Thanks to this, the users will learn alongside their colleagues.    

What the Polish Platform for Homeland Security does in the project? 

In the CYRUS project, Polish Platform for Homeland Security (PPHS) is responsible for two activities. The first task is to prepare a plan for the implementation of short-term training courses and to design the methodology and tools for evaluating the training. Another action assigned to PPHS is the assessment of the participant’s knowledge and skill retention after the training. 

We would like to invite you to the project website and to its profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube.  

 Co-funded by the European Union

The project is subsidized from the state budget under the initiative “Co-financed International Projects”

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