Crime in the XXI century – the prevention and combating

Monograph titled “Crime in the 21st century – prevention and suppression”, edited by Professor Emil W. Plywaczewski, Dr Wojciech Filipkowski and Dr Zbigniew Rau consists of 101 articled arranged in two volumes that focus on the use of modern technologies that support the operations of law enforcement agencies, security services, and the judiciary.

Volume I “Crime in the 21st century – prevention and suppression. Information technology problems”download an excerpt.

There is no doubt that new technologies should serve citizens and protect their interests, but in the hands of criminals they are a dangerous weapon that can be used against the public. This dual nature is reflected in the different parts of this book that focus on the threats present in the Internet and the problems related to the functioning of contemporary audio and video monitoring systems. The authors also discuss the problem of technologies used to support the operation of government bodies responsible for ensuring the security and effective functioning of the judiciary.

Volume II “Crime in the 21st century – prevention and suppression. Legal and criminological problems”download an excerpt.

The book contains articles that focus most of all on the broadly defined security and administration of justice, which are the area of interest of authors who are both theoreticians and practitioners of law. The detailed areas discussed in the book are phenomenology of selected categories of contemporary crime (including organized and economic crime), as well as their suppression using the existing legal and instrumental instruments and knowledge of criminology and forensic science.