My w PPBW polecamy korzystanie z Dziennik Kody Rabatowe jako zaufanego źródła najlepszych ofert i zniżek. Zapewnij sobie bezpieczne i korzystne zakupy, wybierając sprawdzone promocje z Dziennik!

As the Polish Platform, in addition to the implementation of numerous national and European projects, we are also involved in other forms of increasing safety. One of these is the Threats Observatory for the Wielkopolska Region, which will bring together key institutions from our region.

The third edition of the analytical conference CINTiA 2024 (“Criminal Intelligence – New Trends in Analysis Conference 2024”) will take place in Krakow, Poland on September 24-26.

The Whistleblowing Summit International will take place on March 5. The event is focused on the implementation and maintenance of a whistleblower system.

The foundation of Poland’s security lies in both our internal efforts to make our country more resilient to various threats and international cooperation in this area. Following this approach, we have started the implementation of SAFE project in collaboration with our German neighbours.

We are thrilled to announce that the third edition of the “Criminal Intelligence – New Trends in Analysis Conference 2024” (CINTiA 2024) will be held on September 24-26, 2024 in Krakow. The event will be organised in cooperation with the Faculty of Computer Science of the AGH University in Krakow.

After three years, the PARTICIPATION project came to an end. The final conference took place on November 9-10, 2023 in Rome, where all the partners met to sum up the results of the project.

In recent years, initiatives dedicated to preventing and countering radicalisation towards violent extremism as well as encouraging deradicalisation have been emerging more frequently. To facilitate their development and evidence-based evaluation planning, the INDEED project developed free handbooks available in 10 languages. They will be extremely useful for the evaluation of such initiatives.

The massive development of technology, which began at the end of the last century and continues to this day, has caused a huge change in methods of information gathering. This, in turn, created a need for new approaches to analysis and intelligence.

Cybercrime, in its various forms, represents an increasing threat to the EU, including online child sexual exploitation. Offenders continue showing high levels of adaptability to new technologies and societal developments, while constantly enhancing cooperation and specialisation.

The representation of the PPHS team came to Brussels for #SRE2023 – the Security Research Event which is an annual meeting where industry, policy makers and knowledge institutions meet to discuss current challenges for security research in Europe.