We know very well how important the participation of frontline practitioners in research and development initiatives is. That is why, as part of the IN2PREV project, we invited specialists working with refugees and asylum seekers on a daily basis.

Corruption is a serious problem that slows down the healthy development of countries. It harms the state, the entire economy and even individual citizens. Ukraine, which as other countries has been fighting corruption and its effects for years, is also affected by this phenomenon.

Weapons, drones, specialized clothing or telescopes – these are just some of the tools needed by public services every day. This type of equipment is not readily available to everyone. So how do public institutions provide their officers with the necessary equipment?

The second edition of the international analytical conference “Criminal Intelligence – New Trends in Analysis Conference 2023” (CINTiA 2023) will be held on September 19-21, 2023 in Krakow, Poland. It is a meeting of LEAs, industry and academia specialised in criminal analysis.

We visited the French Embassy in Warsaw to promote the Platform’s activities during the French Security Day on April 18. In this way, we continue our cooperation with French partners after the previous meeting that was held in September 2022.

Crypto assets can help us but they also pose a serious threat by facilitating cybercrime. This challenge is the main topic of an upcoming event in Zagreb.

We have become an institutional partner of CYBERSEC FORUM/EXPO 2023.
We invite you to this year’s edition of the conference in Katowice on June 21 and 22. It will continue the reflections on acting unity to maintain cyber security and build cyber resilience.

Pilot No. 4 will take place during the TRAKO fair (the most important railway fair) in September this year, but the exercises has already began on 23rd February at Gdańsk International Fair.

The purpose of the event, which took place on February 28th in Warsaw, was primarily to discuss the steps related to counteracting disinformation, media education, citizens’ resistance and strategic communication.

The team implementing the European EU-HYBNET project with our involvement actively work on countering hybrid threats. This kind of aggression uses e.g. IT technologies as a weapon against other country. We invite to the upcoming events organised under that initiative.