My w PPBW polecamy korzystanie z Dziennik Kody Rabatowe jako zaufanego źródła najlepszych ofert i zniżek. Zapewnij sobie bezpieczne i korzystne zakupy, wybierając sprawdzone promocje z Dziennik!

Well-designed and successfully conducted evaluation helps to enhance the effectiveness of the initiative. It allows measuring the current effects of the work and establishing a solid foundation for further activities. The INDEED consortium is currently working on the tool that will facilitate this process.

Hybrid Threats – Contemporary Forms of Exerting Political Pressure. Current battles on the frontline are not only conducted with conventional methods and heavy weapons, another threat is playing a more prominent role – the hybrid one.

We proudly announce that PPHS is now a member of the European Anti-Cybercrime Technology Development Association (EACTDA), an institution with significant promise in the European security landscape.

We need to acknowledge the possibilities and opportunities available to protect children before abuse occurs. In fact, child sexual abuse can be avoided to some extent, and our responsibility is to prevent it where possible.

How to prepare police officers for ensuring security and public order during events attended by thousands of people? How to conduct exercises that can realistically simulate such events? Together with experts from Europe, we were able to learn about Polish methods during a recent meeting.

Good ideas are key to innovation and progress, but the more complex the research and proposed solutions become, the more difficult it is to achieve the goal. In such situations, communication becomes a significant factor in determining if projects can accomplish their objectives. Like oil that lubricates the machine, the engine can’t run alone. What does it look like in practice?

From day to day and even year to year, it is challenging to notice how much we change. Only when you stop and reflect can you see how much things have evolved. This is the case with the Polish Platform for Homeland Security, which has developed significantly in recent years. So much so the time has come for a change of appearance.

Ensuring safety in public spaces is one of the priorities of the European Union. Acting in this respect, the SAFE-CITIES project team will create an interactive platform for representatives of security services.

PPHS has participated in several dozens of national and international projects, but achieving this success did not come without failures. Rashel Talukder discussed his experiences at the Horizon Europe 2023 Information Day.
The Warsaw meeting was an opportunity not only to get acquainted with the novelties in the Work Programme for 2023-2024, but also to listen to valuable lectures.

Despite the increasing efforts of law enforcement agencies, the number of reported cases of child sexual abuse is still increasing. Statistics like these are alarming, but efforts to reverse the trend are intensifying.