Ensuring safety in public spaces is one of the priorities of the European Union. Acting in this respect, the SAFE-CITIES project team will create an interactive platform for representatives of security services.

PPHS has participated in several dozens of national and international projects, but achieving this success did not come without failures. Rashel Talukder discussed his experiences at the Horizon Europe 2023 Information Day.
The Warsaw meeting was an opportunity not only to get acquainted with the novelties in the Work Programme for 2023-2024, but also to listen to valuable lectures.

Despite the increasing efforts of law enforcement agencies, the number of reported cases of child sexual abuse is still increasing. Statistics like these are alarming, but efforts to reverse the trend are intensifying.

We are involved in several European projects, initiatives & networks including PREVENT PCP. During the Plenary meeting & Kick-off of the Phase 1 held in Paris on December 14-16 the project team concluded actions taken up in 2022.

Just as the pandemic changed the entire landscape of cyber threats, as discussed in November 2021 in MediaPlanet portal by Izabela Albrycht these changes are now deepened by the geopolitical situation in the world, and in particular the war in Ukraine.

Evaluation, i.e. systematic examination of the value of an initiative, serves to streamline, develop and better understand it. In the case of training, it translates directly into the quality of teaching and participant satisfaction.

2PS is working to reduce victimisation, help prevent Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation and minimise the risk of offending.

Meetings organized by PPHS were held on 27th and 28th of September in Poznań. During the first day, the participants visited the Detention Center in Poznań and took part in a project meeting. The second day was intended for people interested in the results of the MIRAD project.

Radicalisation, polarisation, alienation and extremism are complex processes that require a comprehensive approach to prevent them. This is why within the PARTICIPATION project we conducted a study on analysing the factors leading to those phenomena.

Having attended the recent Annual Innovation Hub meeting in Brussels – from the position of a project partner in various EU-funded actions – we explore several key points raised during the meeting.