My w PPBW polecamy korzystanie z Dziennik Kody Rabatowe jako zaufanego źródła najlepszych ofert i zniżek. Zapewnij sobie bezpieczne i korzystne zakupy, wybierając sprawdzone promocje z Dziennik!

Discussions on the importance of improving the resilience of businesses and organisations against cyber threats have become a norm. Yet, we often overlook the importance of reporting cyber incidents to law enforcement, regardless of whether they were successful or not.

Although radicalisation is stereotypically associated with certain groups, it can affect almost everyone. Since extremism contributes to the destruction of the social fabric, it is critical we counteract problems before they fester. But first, we must be able to diagnose them!

The APPRAISE project, a pioneering initiative to improve the cooperation between public and private security operators, has recently concluded. Now is the opportune moment to reflect on the significant results of the initiative and PPHS’s contributions.

Reflecting back, 2023 was a busy period, with many actions spanning multiple crime domains. New projects, partnerships, trainings and meetings only give a flavour of what was completed. Let’s dive into a summary of the past year and selected events!

Preventing radicalisation has been a lively discussed topic in Poland for a long time, but the need to expand the knowledge and competencies of practitioners in this area is still significant. There is a demand for training and education about designing and evaluating preventive activities. Luckily, among other things, the results of proposed European projects come in handy. The recent meeting in Warsaw was devoted to this topic.

As is the case in prison services across the world, the Polish Prison Service is having to adapt to constant change. Not only are the behaviours and demographics of inmates shifting, but there is also significant turnover of prison personnel. Officers need more access to more training than is currently provided just to meet their everyday duties, and must also adapt to abnormal and potentially dangerous trends like radicalisation.

Every year, hundreds of confrontations in prison facilities in Europe are caused not only by primary aggression, but in response to an adverse prison environment where threat, provocation, and other negative emotions are widespread among inmates. This is a significant obstacle in the deradicalisation and resocialisation of prisoners, decreasing the general well-being of prisoners and prison officers alike, while sometimes also having a direct effect on the length of prison stays.

As technological improvements come at break neck speed, it is difficult to judge whether modern technologies help protect our security or pose more of a threat. To explore this question in more detail, we engaged a domain expert for their perspective. Jarosław Przyjemczak, has a PhD in social science in the field of security and is former deputy commander of the Autonomous Counter-Terrorist Sub-Division of the Police in Gdańsk, and is well placed to help us understand this matter.

Well-designed and successfully conducted evaluation helps to enhance the effectiveness of the initiative. It allows measuring the current effects of the work and establishing a solid foundation for further activities. The INDEED consortium is currently working on the tool that will facilitate this process.

Hybrid Threats – Contemporary Forms of Exerting Political Pressure. Current battles on the frontline are not only conducted with conventional methods and heavy weapons, another threat is playing a more prominent role – the hybrid one.