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The APPRAISE project is going straight forward – exercises before Pilot No. 4

Pilot No. 4 will take place during the TRAKO fair (the most important railway fair) in September this year, but the exercises has already began on 23rd February at Gdańsk International Fair.

The scenario included an attack on participants of the Fair with the use of white weapons (in this case a knife), taking hostages, evacuation, negotiations, freeing hostages and apprehending the perpetrator. Also, operational police action was simulated in the situation of a violation of a no-fly zone over the fair ground by an unidentified drone and the apprehension of the pilot.

The meeting was attended by officers of the Regional Police Headquarters in Gdańsk, a counter-terrorist unit, negotiators, and students of the Naval Academy, who played the role of participants in the fair. Two persons from Holo Light (the project partner) also took part to see what a police exercise looks like. It was the first time they participated in a police training which allowed them to see how those operations work and visualise in which situation their solution can be used.

Holo Light is developing an AR-based technology to assist police in exercises. They also presented their solution which is used for shooting trainings with the use of AR. New technology can change police trainings and over time make it more cost-efficient for example by reducing the cost of bullets that will no longer be needed. The police also gave a lot of comments and feedback which will help to improve the technology.

The exercises were not only a great chance to master the steps of the scenario, but also provided an opportunity to practice police operational activities in the event of a terrorist attack.